8 Highly Effective Link Building Strategies for a New Blog

by | Apr 13, 2020

Blogs new to the internet often struggle to build authority, trust, and expertise online.  This is one of the most popular reasons why people even ask how to create backlinks.  The benefits of building high-quality backlinks to a new blog are undeniable.

What Is Backlinking?

A backlink is a link connecting two websites.  If website A linked to Website B, Website B will have earned a backlink.  Backlinks are a core component of ranking well in search engines.  Authority is measured in many different ways, a popular way is through your backlink profile. Moreover,  any website on the web that links to your website would be part of your backlink profile.   The larger, more authoritative the website that links to you, the more of a boost you get towards your authority.

Digital marketers and SEOs have many different strategies used to build links to their backlink profile. The ways you can go about earning these backlinks are varied all over the map but any strategy of earning links is known as “backlinking” or “backlinking building”

Backlinking Example

In the Google search algorithm, backlinks enjoy high priority. Links can be in the form of text, image, or button. If links come from other websites, these would be considered inbound links. For SEO purposes, inbound links are a sign of a quality website for search engines.

You might’ve heard of the term “link building” before.  Link building is the practice of reaching out to other websites to solicit a link from their websites to yours.   Search engines value a website’s ability to generate organic traffic by looking at its inbound link profile. However, inbound links from websites that are irrelevant to your niche, or spammy, can do more harm than good.

Why Build Backlinks?

The more high-quality, relevant, backlinks you have – the more “authoritative” search engines will see you.  This can have a tremendous impact on traffic generated through Google and Bing.

When it comes to driving traffic to your website or blog, the quality and volume of your backlinks take the cake.  This is especially true when you start a blog and have yet to establish any credibility or authority online.

A Quick Warning about Link Building

Technically, building links to your website goes against Google’s best practices.  Many websites have been manually penalized for unethical link-building practices.

Despite this, millions of site owners are actively engaging in some form of link building.  Why? Because it works.  Pay careful attention to the techniques and strategies outlined in this article.  Here we’ll dive and explain only ethical, white-hat ways to build quality backlinks that search engines will surely reward you for.

How to Create Backlinks

1. Broken Link Backlinking Technique

In our opinion, the broken link backlinking method is the most effective and time-efficient way of how to create backlinks of high-quality variety.  There are a host of software options on the internet you can use to analyze other websites and identify outward broken links. Once you identify such links, you can request the website to swap the broken link with a link to your site. If your page is a good resource for the given topic, the website with the broken link may consider and accept your request. Of all the strategies discussed in this post, the broken link white hat backlinking strategy is what we found to be most effective.

Broken Link white hat Backlinking strategies

Because this approach fixes broken links on others’ websites, it works well for both parties. However, the main problem is identifying the broken links and finding the right page and content to replace them. In most cases, you may have to create fresh content or pages.  The effort may be well worth it. Try to make your outreach with a short and sweet message.

2. Leveraging your Network of Partners

When you ask yourself “how to create backlinks?” it’s easy to overthink it.  A great way to give your website more juice is by using your network to ask if they will link to your website. Google has no way to find out that they are connected to you.  You can return the favor by giving them a link right back, win-win all around.

Leverage partner sites for backlink building

Once somebody has given a link to your website on their site or blog, you can also mention the link on your website. Over time, this exercise can alone build up a prolific inbound link profile of your site.  If you’re currently doing any sort of affiliate marketing, reach out to your partners and ask! This helps tremendously.

3. Web Directories

Getting listed in local and niche directories is a sure way to improve your business because when someone accesses the directories, they find you there. This also a great way to catch Google’s attention when its bots are searching for relevant results. When you get your website listed in different directories, especially in your niche, it acts as an inbound link and improves the ranking of your website in Google search.

This is a great place to start when your learning how to create backlinks for the first time. 

Here’s a list of web directories to get started with:

You can find the list of directories online and send your request or fill up their online listing form.  Start listing your site on Google My Business, Yelp, and move on to other niche and general directories. This will help improve your traffic and rankings. Using a tool like Yext you can submit your name, address, and location to all the local directories in your area.

4. Niche Blog Comment Backlinking

Inbound links acquired through websites and blogs are one way of doing this. Another way is when you reach out to the websites and blogs with your content. For example, you can take the route of commenting on others’ blogs in your niche and subtly highlight your site and link.

Niche blog commenting for creating backlinks

To make it simple, you often read blogs in your niche and move on. But now try giving the blogs their due by giving your opinion and subtly hinting your business and website. However, you must be tactful and use 80:20 in which you talk about the niche and topic on hand 80% and keep promotional content at 20% or even less. This strategy will ensure that your comment is approved for your publication.

5. Niche Forum Backlinking

Creating incoming links for your website from related sites, blogs, and social media platforms should take you to niche forums. These are the venues where people from the same niche discuss their common interests, issues, products, services, and their pros and cons.  Join as many niche forums and take part in the discussion.

Forums for how to create backlinks

There is a lot you can learn about your business, industry, and website by engaging in these discussions.   Introduce your business and site and engage with the members and influencers on the forum. Every mention of your site will be treated as an inbound link.

6. Guest Posting

Guest posting can be extremely beneficial to earn backlinks to your website.  

Similar to commenting on niche blogs and forums, you can also send your write-ups on related and relevant websites as guest posts. For example, if your business and site are about casino business, you can send an expert article to a popular casino news website that has a sizable number of followers.

Your article will not only create a high-value inbound link but also find new readers who can eventually convert into visitors to your site. Guest posting is a convenient and popular form of content sharing among related websites and blogs.

Final thoughts

Of all the ways for how to create backlink it’s important to keep in mind the one that provides the best return on your effort and investment. The importance of organic methods and meaningful SEO is on the rise.  Markets are increasingly focusing on connecting with sites and influencers from related domains. In other words, your inbound linking efforts should be relevant and focused.

You should try to develop a connection instead of pushing shamelessly promotional content. Try to serve and win respect, rather than promoting. Chances are you may face rejection as you go about link-building. Instead of getting disheartened, you should overcome the situation with kindness.

This post about how to create backlinks should act as a guide for your lead-building exercise. Keep adding and improving this guide as you learn new things along the way.

Please share your thoughts! Was this article helpful?  Let us know in the comments below!

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