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The constraints of a 9-5 job were just too hard to bear.  Mandatory meetings, reporting to your boss, fixing other people’s problems were a few of the infinite number of problems you deal with in a 9-5.  Did I mention bumper-to-bumper traffic 2 hours a day?

More than anything was the feeling that you don’t own your life.  Your employer does.  It was a feeling that made me and my small tribe of entrepreneurial friends want to throw up.  

It was our sophomore year of college when the three of us caught wind of an opportunity to take our college campus by storm.  20 years old, with zero professional experience were making 10’s or thousands per month through this new multi-level marketing program (insert throw-up emoji here). We weren’t sure how this was possible but we wanted to get in on it.  This was our first taste of “get rich quick”. 

I’m sure you could imagine how this story went.  For 1% of those involved, not so bad.  For the rest of the 99% of us, we were out a few hundred bucks.  A lifetime savings amount when you’re in college living off scraps.  

Nonetheless, this was a learning experience.  We’re thankful to have learned from this experience, little did we know this was the tipping point for learning how to start, grow, and monetize an online business.  Our ultimate goal was to make passive income online and not fall into the shackles of a 9-5 job that so many young people despise.  Now after 10 years of trial and error we’ve taken those lessons learned to help you achieve the same thing as us.

We’ve ditched the “get rich quick” model and decided to brick-by-brick lay a foundation for internet success that will be here for years to come.  Simply put, get-rich-quick isn’t possible unless you’re extremely lucky.  We decided to focus on providing value over profits and double down on educating those who are like us 10 years ago.   Through this mindset and philosophy, we’ve watched our businesses take off.   And now we aim to do the same thing for you!

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