16 Reasons Why you Should Start Blogging

by | Dec 4, 2020

Blogging has become an integral part of how society searches for information.   There are a number of reasons why a person or business might start a blog.   Unfortunately, this world has an overload of information readily available to you via other blogs.  So this begs the question, is starting a blog even worth it?

I’m here to tell you, YES! Starting a blog is absolutely worth it.   Let’s dive in and discover the 16 reasons why you should start blogging today.

1. Start Generating Passive Income

Generating passive income seems to be the number #1 reason why people decide to start a blog.  This was certainly a big motivator for us to start blogging here at MoonlightJo.

But what if I don’t have a product or service to sell or offer people?  No problem!

As you start blogging around certain topics you’ll start building an audience surrounding that topic.  Once you have an audience of consistent readers you can offer them recommendations for certain products online.  This is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is how most bloggers start out earning passive income.  As your audience (and profits) grow, you can decide to start making your own digital products or offering your own services.  It’s not uncommon for bloggers to offer courses, e-books, photography, graphics, and even software as solutions to their reader’s problems.

2. Create Something you are Proud of

Think about it,  the more you blog, the more information you’re creating and sharing with the world.  After a year of blogging, you’ll have a variety of posts on the internet, each piece sharing a unique piece of information about your topic.

Bloggers share their experiences, memories, hobbies, and many more interests in their content. It is an excellent medium for them to share what’s on their mind. When people find that your blog is interesting and engaging, you develop a following. There will come a time that big brands would contact you to review their products.

Readers that are interested in your content will also contact you, developing great relationships later on. Creating a blog because of your experiences, knowledge, and interests will make you proud as it is a part of you. Your blog is a special way of you communicating about yourself to readers.

3. Improve Your Writing Ability

Starting a blog usually revolves around your interests. Writing about what sparks your hobbies or interests lets you be imaginative and creative. When you are interested in the topic, you can also write longer posts and content. It is an excellent way for you to practice your writing ability. You can learn what your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to creating content. The reader’s response is key when you want to be a good writer.

Blog posts let anyone read what you write, letting you know if what you’re doing is good or bad. If the response is positive, it will encourage you to write more. Negative responses are also helpful as it points out your mistakes and shortcomings, letting you improve your writing abilities.

4. Share your Thoughts and Inspire your Readers

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts as it is readily available for anyone to read it. When readers are engaged with what you have to say, they can be inspired and motivated. It is an excellent way to have a following on the internet. You can be popular while also helping and entertaining people with your experiences and thoughts.

5. Start Building an Online Brand

One of the best ways to start an online brand is through blogging. It is an effective way to build brand awareness. Sharing useful and relevant content can attract many readers and customers to your brand. You can also target your audience through consistent blogging. Building an online brand with blogging is excellent as the trend now is being the top in online presence.

6. Meet New People and Create Opportunities

Posting entries about something that interests you can let people know who you are. Injecting some personality in your content is a great way to meet new people and build opportunities. With a blog, you can interact with other bloggers and reach your audience. Reaching out to audiences or other bloggers can help you expand your website. You can strengthen relationships with them and provide opportunities to help you, other bloggers, and your audience. Additionally,  you’ll create a community that helps each other out with your blog.

7. Document your Life

A creative way to document your life is with the help of blogging. It is an easy way to share and document what’s going on in your life. Share your thoughts out to the masses or blog privately if you want to just document your life for your personal reflection. One of the best things about documenting your life online is that there is no limit on your blog posts. It is like a digital journal where you can cherish every moment online wherever you are.

8. Develop your Computer / Digital Marketing Skills

Blogging can develop your computer or digital marketing skills as you get a chance to review or promote products. You can also practice proficient public speaking in front of the camera by advertising products through your blog. Asides from making product review videos, you can also write about the products. Develop your digital marketing skills through blogging as it is easy to do, free, and you can possibly earn money as well.

9. Use a Blog to Market your Already Existing Business

Almost 80% of companies use blogging as part of their marketing strategy to have successful revenues. Businesses also admit that blogging is critical for their success. Businesses can reach customers via keywords on blog posts. People will just search for these keywords on a search engine to find your business’s products or services. Already existing businesses can try blogging as an inexpensive way to expand their customer base.

10. Become an Expert at Whatever Your Topic is

Having a blog requires you to pump out content consistently. Writing about your preferred topic requires research and tons of reading to make it detailed, engaging, and useful for the readers. Writing consistently about your interests and hobbies makes you proficient in the topics you write about for your blog.

11. Develop Your Confidence

Blogging involves posting photos, videos, and articles. It boosts your confidence, especially when you post pictures and videos of yourself. You spent a good time editing photos and footage of yourself, which makes you appreciate yourself. Posting photos or videos of yourself also makes you comfortable with the way you look and speak. Spending time looking and hearing yourself talk can let you find things that you never thought you would like about yourself. Consistent writing about what interests you also boost your confidence in delivering quality articles.

12. Educate the World about Important Topics

Anything that you write on your blog can help people. You can educate your readers on what you think is important and will provide them sufficient knowledge on that topic. It will provide them awareness on that topic and can even share them with other people as well. Blogging is a great way to provide knowledge to anyone willing to learn.

You can reach out and give education to the world, even with just a simple blog post. Thousands of people can read it, and it is readily available on the internet. If you want to focus on teaching online, blogging is also an excellent choice. You can reach out to all types of people, and it is very accessible as well, needing only an internet connection and a smartphone or computer.

13. Be your Own Boss

Building a successful, profitable blog doesn’t require a boss. All of your time and resources are in your control.  You decide when what, and how often you want to post. There is also no one stopping you in what content you post. Whether it may be a political commentary or a funny experience, you decide on what topic to write or make a video about.

14. Learn Discipline and Self-Motivation

Discipline and self-motivation are required to succeed in any field. In blogging, the site’s success entirely depends on you. Blogging will teach you that discipline is required to get your blog off the ground.

It needs consistent work to produce quality content regularly. Blogging also teaches self-motivation as writing and making videos for your blog requires effort and hard work. Without motivation, your blog will not move forward and progress as it depends entirely on what you do with it.

15. Connect with The Blogging Community

Many writers usually start blogs so that they can express their opinions, desires, and hobbies publicly. There are others that make a blog so that they can have followers and build an online brand to make a career out of it.

Those who want to make blogging a full-time career would want to fit into a particular niche to stand out. Joining blogging communities will let you grow your audience, develop your brand, and connect with other people with the same interests. Connecting with a particular blogging community is great as they offer many benefits. These communities exist so that bloggers or writers can share their experiences, characteristics, and blog topics. It is a great way to grow together and also learn from the mistakes of others.

16. 10x More Fun than a 9-5

In a 9-5 job, the pay rise is usually small. You work very hard to get that few percent raise on your salary. With blogging, you can control your earnings. You will earn a lot more when you work harder and longer. You can also decide that if you need help, you can hire someone to expand your blogging empire. There is no one stopping you from earning even more through blogging.

A 9-5 job usually gets boring as it consists of daily work routines that get very tedious and repetitive. There is no boss or manager that tells you what to do with blogging. You can post on your blog any content or topic that interests you make your work enjoyable. You can sell your services online, educate people, share your experiences, promote products, help other bloggers, and so much more in the realm of blogging.

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